My Escorting job in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Our main courses arrive. My steak measures the size of my palm and comes with mushroom sauce, French fries and vegetables. The salmon is topped with mousseline sauce and garnished with a cucumber fan.

‘Does your work affect you mentally or emotionally?’

‘Both. Often, I have to lie to my parents, my colleagues and my friends. Like about why my handphone is switched off on certain nights. Where I get the money to buy clothes, jewellery, holidays abroad; why I sometimes drive out at night after receiving a call. That’s the mental stress I’ve to endure. The emotional side is I’m scared of falling in love. I’m not sure whether I should tell my future lover about my escorting job. If I don’t and he finds out later, very likely, he’ll leave me and I will not blame him. But if I tell him upfront, and he accepts it, there can also be problems. Should we quarrel in future, he’s sure to use my past against me.’

‘Hmm… What do you dislike about your job?’ I carve a piece of beef, dip the forkful of meat in a small pool of sauce and pop it into my mouth. ‘How’s the salmon?’

‘Tastes delicious – pretending to like unattractive men. Even if the client’s the ugliest man in the world, I’ve to treat him like a prince. Social skills are important to get repeat business. Beauty can only carry you so far.’

‘So why do men book escorts?’

‘Each man has his individual reasons. If they’re married, they’re not sexually attracted to their wives any more. Or the relationship is not good. Younger men want to be the “conqueror’” and we’re the “conquered ladies”. Sex with a beautiful woman boosts their ego. It’s more fun doing it with a new girl than with their wives. Sometimes, a few even ask me to role play. These men learn all those weird things from porn and want to try them.’

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